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Work often outweighs everything else in our lives. Maintaining a work-life balance is difficult but it is important for our emotional, social, and mental wellbeing.

Increased working hours or workload can hamper the personal life of an individual. If a good work-life balance is maintained there is less amount of stress, less workload, more people willing to work, less absenteeism which keeps both employer and employees happy. As work and career play an important role in our lives, family and children also require balanced time and attention as work does.

How can we maintain a work-life balance?

Ø Schedule your work in such a way that you do not overburden yourself with work in one day. Divide your working hours in such a way that you have plenty of time and energy left for spending time with your family or with yourself.

Ø Prioritize your health along with your work life. Overburdening yourself with work can cause an imbalance between your career and health. Proper eight hours of sleep is necessary to give yourself appropriate rest, eat a balanced meal and perform some light to moderate physical activity every day such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, etc. You can enjoy a long walk with your family after dinner to refresh yourself.

Ø Take a short vacation with your family and unplug yourself from work, refresh your mind and relax. Spending time with family always makes us happy. As we unplug ourselves from work, we come up with new ideas and fresh minds to work.

Ø Take out time for yourself and pursue your hobbies along with your work. Do what you love and prioritize yourself and your hobbies. Spend time with your loved ones, go for dinner with your family or a picnic.

Ø Set some boundaries for work hours, when you leave the office after work avoid answering work calls or projects and try to spend time with your loved ones and families. Consider keeping a separate phone for the office and switch it off once you leave the office.

Ø It is important to keep professional life and personal life separate as an imbalance between both can hamper an individual.

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