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  • Shivani Taneja


Cravings are brain driven, when we want to celebrate or rejoice— not your body’s need for food.

I still remember, my neighbor had diabetes, he used to eat chocolates when he was in stress and then again eat cookies as in the guilt of high sugars and stress caused by it

I know how strong sugar cravings are, and the tempting sweet foods don’t allow us to change the habit.

Is Sugar A Problem For You?

Some people can have small amounts of refined sugar in their diet daily and do not experience deleterious effects, they rarely experience a strong cravings for sweets. Others have a great liking to sweets and keep adding on desserts and sweets to their food. While many of us fall somewhere in between.

If you experience any of the following issues, then probably you would come to know, how much sugar addiction your body has…

  • You start your day with a high sugar breakfast.

  • You experience an emotional boost up after eating sweets and morale is down after few hours.

  • You have difficulty saying no to sweets.

  • You keep stock of sweet foods available in the house at all times.

  • You haven't gone without some form of sweet food for a day in a long time.

  • You reach for sweets when you are feeling stressed or excited.

The goal is not to get all sweet things out of your diet, but to stop the addiction to refined sugar in your life!

Refined white sugar is an addiction, not a food for our body.

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