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Benefits of drinking plain warm water

An inexpensive drink which is just as good for your health and surprisingly this has been known for ages.

Usually when thinking about drinking water, most people think of a scenario where they’re sipping some ice cold water ignoring the fact that drinking hot water every day has some additional benefits. Drinking cold water may keep your body away from taking advantage of warm water.

Drinking cold water once in a while is acceptable according to studies.

Plain warm water should be included in your daily routine.

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

1. Clear skin and slows down aging: Cleansing starts from within. Drinking warm water increases the body temperature that also results to sweat out which in return clears the skin pores and prevents pimples and acne providing glow to the skin.

2. Aids digestion: A study shows that drinking warm water is effective for activating the digestion system.

3. Weight loss: Many studies have shown that drinking warm water can help a person lose weight as it increases body’s metabolic rate and flushes out waste and toxins from the body. One reason could be the feeling of fullness which is increased by drinking warm water.

4. Reduces stress: Various studies have shown that a cup of warm water may help manage stress and anxiety.

5. Relieves nasal congestion: Just like inhaling steam, hold a cup of warm/hot water and take a deep inhale of vapors. This helps loosen clogged sinuses, hence relieves headache. According to a study, consuming a hot drink like warm water provides relief from sore throat, runny nose and cough.

6. Improves blood circulation: Warm water expands blood vessels, hence improving blood circulation.

7. Improves bowel movement: Constipation can be a result of improper fluid intake or dehydration. Drinking warm water improves bowel movement. It may help your intestines contract due to which food waste in your intestine is able to pass out from your body. This is an effective way to relieve and prevent Constipation.

8. Alleviates painful menstrual cramps: A hot water bag pressed against belly may be your favorite way to deal with period pain but drinking warm water can also be a great relief. Drinking warm water increases blood circulation which works as a pain reducing mechanism.


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