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Long hours and impromptu work can be something which makes the body lethargic, drain out all our energy and make us feel irritated. This drained energy makes us feel inactive and obviously hamper our productivity. Exhaustion, inadequate nutrition and low energy intake can open up the doors of many diseases. Unquestionably it is known that eating healthy food boosts up your energy and keep your body away from diseases, but there are certain foods present in nature which are known to boost up energy and stamina instantly and are a healthier options at the same time. In this article you will find some ‘go to foods’ which everyone must have. So without any delay, let’s get started!


Banana is a great source of nutrients especially potassium and magnesium. Banana is a high fiber food which helps you revitalize in minimum time and makes you feel full longer. For this reason banana are considered as best pre workout meal. Start your day with a banana smoothie with your favorite nuts or simply choose it at your snack time over fried foods such as samosa, potato chips, cookies, etc.


The body needs a good amount of good carbohydrates to function. Sweet potato is among one of the best complex carbohydrates your body needs. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, vitamin C, iron and magnesium. This super nutritious food will make you feel full for a longer time. Have your sweet potato by baking or roasting and spicing it up. It can be your great snack time munchies.


Eggs are something which can be eaten up at any time of the day and provide various health benefits to the body. Eggs are a rich source of protein, vitamin A, D, K and B. Eggs raise the energy level and help in keeping your hunger pangs at bay. Eggs can be eaten as boiled, poached, omelette or even as a main dish.


Now that’s what we call as a healthy replacement of snack. Yes you read it right! Peanut butter acts as a reservoir of energy as it is rich in healthy fats and proteins. Have a spoonful of it with some complex carbohydrates and see your stamina being boosted up in a jiffy.


Whole grains are known to give a lot more energy than anything and also they are loaded up with fibre which makes you feel fueled up longer. Apart from its high fibre content, whole grains are a concentrated source of nutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium and protein. Go for whole grains which have low glycemic index such as quinoa, oats, barley, brown rice, etc.


Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of energy and good fats. A handful of nuts will provide you instant energy and keep health problems aside. Also, nuts and seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for the body and improve heart health. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds can be eaten daily. So always keep them handy and see the difference in your body.

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