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Meals are important and a vital part for the body and mind to balance the functioning of the same and to continue for the body functions and blood regulation, meals provide the required nutrition and strength for the active functioning of the body and mind. Food has not only nutrients but also nutraceuticals that prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Arthritis, etc. Meals are suggesting to a minimum of 3 meals per day i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and these 3 meals are to be divided into 5 times to be taken at least 2 hours gap in between the subsequent meals. Take small quantities of meals 5 times. Drink water minimum of half an hour before the scheduled meal Breakfast to be completed prior to 09:00 AM Breakfast should be heavy as compared to other meals of the day Dinner to be completed maximum by 08:00 PM Do not have a heavy meal all at once. Take your meals in small quantities at a frequency of a minimum of 2 hours Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Make your meals colorful and appealing. A balanced diet is a diet wherein the quantities & proportion is maintained in such a way that the need for calories, proteins, fats, minerals &vitamins are adequately meet & a small provision is made for extra nutrients. Avoid intake of tobacco. Exercise on a regular basis

Meals should be in a colorful collection and comprise 5 basic food groups, which are. 1. Cereals, Millets & Pulses 2. Vegetables & Fruits 3. Dairy Products

4. Meat Products 5. Oil, fat & nuts

In this busy schedule and lifestyle of each & every individual we often leave out meals of the day and get so immersed in work and task at hand that we forget the utmost important thing we require to survive which is to have meals and not only that, but it is also of the paramount importance to have. meals on time. Having meals when we want and when we can make time is very dangerous for our health as we are starving our body and mind of the basic fuel it requires for proper functioning as intended. Having meals at the specified time and with proper intervals makes your body and mind get all the required nutrients, energy and will render the mind and body to such a level that you can perform and excel at even the hardest of the tasks when your body and mind are in sync and full of the required fuel which comes only when the meals are taken in the required quantity and on regular intervals and as well the quality of the same is maintained by following specific meal plans which are jotted down keeping in context to the individual health and nutritional needs.

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