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Educate your heart over mind

Education is not shown by the degree a person holds, education is seen in the behavior and attitude of the person. A person is educated only if he knows how to keep positive attitude towards others, behave well and keep spreading happiness around. An educated person leaves his unforgettable presence behind, after leaving the place. “Educating the mind, without educating the heart is no education at all”, Aristotle rightly said. A man’s education is not reflected in flaunting the degrees and professional achievements but the way you behave with your colleagues, subordinates, friends, relatives and above all your family.

No book, no teacher can force knowledge in your mind, if you are not ready to absorb it and apply it in your life. Whatever you have read from books or taught by a teacher, holds meaning only if you gain something out of it. Studying, only to clear exams is simply wastage of time, money and energy. Go beyond what you actually are. If you are a leader, learn to be at place of the peon. If you are an executive, think from the point of view of your subordinate. See how long his journey was, think what he has gone through. Think why he has committed mistake, why he wasn’t able to pick your call, why assignments were not submitted in time or why he was absent in a meeting. Find out the reason behind the action done. It is always advisable to check the root cause and if you are really empowered and destined to lead, show you potential by making everyone’s path easier and by resolving their problems. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Don’t let the outer appearance of someone make you judgmental about his/her personality. Learn to evaluate the hidden story behind every failure, negligence, absence, lack of commitment, indiscipline etc. before accusing him for non-compliance of act. Albert Einstein said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school”. Education is reflected in your behavior, be a role model for your subordinates, friends and family. Set an example of a good leader and unmatchable kin. Blood and breath can’t make you human, being kind can. Be polite, be rational, be kind and be human.

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