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Roti is something that we eat on almost a daily basis. So I thought why not take these rotis to next level and make them as healthy as possible and that's how I created this flaxseed Roti Recipe. To make sure that you never compromise on health, we will be using flaxseeds in combination with equal quantities of oats and wheat to make these rotis. Will start off the recipe by powdering the flaxseeds and oats separately to make their respective flours and then mix the flaxseeds flour, oats flour, and wheat flour in proportion. Then pouring a touch of ghee onto the mixture, you need to knead it into a dough. Now the rest of the procedure is pretty similar to the traditional roti recipe with few changes. It is important that you don't over knead the dough as the rotis might then end up with a hard crust and became really dry on the inside. The addition of cumin to the dough gives it a bit of sweetness and bitterness helping enhance the flavor of the rotis. It is recommended that you let the dough sit for about 10 minutes before you roll them out with a rolling pin as it lets the dough rise a bit. Moreover, you can also sprinkle some flaxseeds on top after rolling them to add a touch of crunchiness to the rotis.

NUTRITION INFO. (Per serving )

Protein 3g

Fat 4g

Carbs 15 g

Fiber 3g.


Atta 0.5 cup

Salt 1 teaspoon

Oats 0.5 cup

Cumin 0.25 teaspoon

Flaxseeds 3 tablespoons.

Ghee 1 tablespoon

Water 0.5 cup.


1.Powder 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds.Powder the oats in a blender to form flour.

2.Place the whole wheat flour, flaxseeds powder, oats flour, cumin seeds, and salt in a bowl. Mix well.

3.Pour ghee and mix it to the dry ingredients well.

4.Once it is crumbly, add water gradually and knead into a slightly firm dough. Do not over knead.

5. Once the dough is formed, cover and allow it to rest for 10min.

6.Divide into equal parts and roll into balls.

7.On a clean surface, dust some flour and roll it to rotis. Sprinkle some flaxseeds on top while rolling into rotis.

8.Cook on a tawa golden on both sides.

Health benefits of flaxseed Roti

Whole wheat rotis themselves are quite rich in nutrients, adding flax seeds to the dough enhances the nutrition value of rotis by a big margin. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, flaxseeds are also incredibly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and a number of vitamins and minerals. The source vitamin B1 and B6 and also contains Magnesium, Calcium, iron, phosphorus, and other minerals. The high soluble content in flaxseeds is known to help regulate blood sugars and even lower cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps in the process of digestion while the high-quality protein in them not only helps in building muscle but also ensures that you stay full longer, helping curb hunger. This can be extremely useful if you are trying to manage your weight.

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