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  • Reedhika Puliani


"Bhaiya ek broccoli, zucchini and Chinese cabbage dena", (Brother, give me a broccoli, zucchini and Chinese cabbage) said Seema Aunty while shopping in one of the posh areas in Delhi. She had recently consulted a “Nutrition influencer” referred to her by one of her friends (Anupama) from a kitty party she had attended a few days ago. Anupama had been following a very strict, calorie deficit diet since the past few months and had been consuming only “Exotic foods” like red cabbage, parsley, celery, kale, etc and had lost a lot of weight but ended up getting extreme acidity and bloating which according to her is manageable by taking antacids, as far as her weight is off and she looks good (as per her) in what she wears.

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