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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Healing and Meditation are actually like the two wheels of a bicycle. One cannot exist without the other. i.e. to initiate the process of Healing you need to be first able to Meditate and to be able to Meditate you need to be Holistically Healed i.e. Mentally and Spiritually. Both complement each other.

The fact is that every human being does have a self-healing ability. When it is done knowingly or voluntarily it is done through Meditation, Chakra Energizing, etc.

When it is done unknowingly that is the most subtle and beautiful method, which very rarely people realize. For example, sometimes we do get a feeling of gratitude towards someone or feel complacent and happy from within out of our good deeds, or a feeling of accomplishment when we are done with some noble mission or some important project at our workplace. All these lead to a rush of endorphin hormones in our body, resulting in positivity within our brain cells, keeping us overall happy about the situation. This happiness in turn actually makes us feel good mentally, and again without our knowledge, it has an effect of goodness in each part of our body cells which contributes to the overall wellness of our whole body and being. Thus we actually get an internal healing effect unknowingly.

But the truth is that human life is a mixture of good and bad times, ups and downs, achievements and failures, anxieties and jubilation, struggle and celebrations. That means it is impossible for this abstract mode of Healing explained above to remain constant forever. The only way out is to increase the frequency of being happy against the feeling of being sad, which practically seems impossible in one's busy life schedule, wherein people are burdened with responsibilities and, as well have personal ambitions to attain in this short life.

God has given 24 hrs of time equally to all the living beings on this Earth, among which human being is the only creature who has got the wisdom to think, plan and execute their to-do list in the given time. This to-do list differs from person to person, depending upon the age, interests, beliefs, responsibilities, and aspirations each one of them carry. Our main aim should be to keep our mind at peace so that whatever each person is supposed to accomplish in the 24 hrs time, he should be able to do it effortlessly and calmly. As mentioned above we do self-healing unknowingly whenever we feel happy and accomplished, and it is impossible to be happy always depending on the individual's situation.

So in the 24 hrs time, if we can devote just 30 minutes of voluntary Healing to ourselves, which is through Meditation, Chakra Energizing, or any other method, which suits the particular individual, it can at least take care of increase the frequency of feeling happy and be complacent during the day to add on to the self-healing process. By devoting 30 minutes of Meditation we do not guarantee you 100% happiness or make your life devoid of any pain, sadness, or hardships. But we can guarantee you, to give you the strength to live through the bad situations or mental struggles during the day if any, and ultimately keep your mind peaceful and sound as an end result for each day of your life.

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