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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We are not just randomly stricken with diseases. There are some health outcomes completely beyond our control but there are many which are results of our decisions and behaviors. Much community-based research shows that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthy nutrition and physical activity and is recommended to all with short- and long-term benefits for health. Multi-component interventions aiming to promote healthy eating and physical activity have also been shown to be effective in promoting healthy lifestyles and, ultimately, decreasing body mass index (BMI). Overall, our health plans should be whole instead of one piece of time. Chances of sticking to a health improvement eating right, exercising regularly, or reducing/quitting smoking can be higher if we focus on our overall health rather than just the task at hand. Each act will reinforce everything else we are trying to do.

Many people think their habits are set- they feel it’s too late and even if they change what good does it do? Well, improving our habits improves our health at any age. There is no point to lament what we couldn’t do in the past. There is tremendous value in what we can do now or in the future.

It is true that having a certain disease in family history increases the risk of the same. But it doesn’t mean that we are powerless to improve our choices of avoiding it. Brief family history helps us to know potential risks better but it should not be a source of alarm. We can do a lot to mitigate the risk. Feeling out of control, a sense of dread, and inadequate are not just threats to our predisposition but also to our health. More we are vulnerable; less we maintain our healthy habits. We even turn to unhealthy and excessive behavior to comfort ourselves but the relief is quite temporary while the effects of ill health are lasting.

Life is best enjoyed when the mind is free and the body is well taken care of. Improving health requires a complicated plan and an obsessive dedication to the goal. To improve health simple habits are needed like a short walk, taking the stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Hence, let us pay attention to the simple acts in the course of a day that can have a huge effect when performed over the long term.

Whenever we think about safeguarding our health, we generally think in terms of activities like exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep. Bu an often-overlooked component of good health is the quality of relationships with family and friends. People who enjoy good and strong relationships are healthier because they feel less stress generally and tend to deal with stressful situations better. Cherishing our ties with family and friends is as important to our health as good nutrition and exercise. A hug is a means of giving and receiving affection – as well as a significant source of stress relief and comfort to our bodies.

People, who do what they say they are going to do tend to be healthier than people who don’t follow through. Let us develop a habit of reliability which will enhance our longevity and less prone to sickness.

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