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Holistic lifestyle fixes for skincare junkies

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Now that you are very well familiar with essential skin nutrients highlighted in my previous blog, let’s take a look at some of the best lifestyle practices which play an imperative role in achieving naturally great-looking skin.

Having said that naturally, flawless skin isn’t an overnight job which simply means it needs consistency in your lifestyle & eating habits for you to see visible results with time.

But the best part is, it’s never too late to modify your lifestyle habits once you’ve firmly decided that it’s you who wants to improve your skin not just to look good but to have an overall positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

So, let’s jump into those individual lifestyle habits aka practices to complete your healthy skincare journey in this blog!

I personally believe introspecting on the root causes is so pivotal, especially in the era where we live, is filled with people falling prey to get instant and quick results without wanting to pause and observe the primary root causes.

Don’t you think in this fast-paced world we have forgotten to actually take time to destress ourselves from within?

Just going for a hair spa or body massage is not all I am hinting at. But have you ever sat back and thought about what happens once this relaxing session is done?

The same old back of the mind worries, long to-do lists, achievements of life, comparisons with others, failure in relationships, and all of those related thoughts creep in again!

This brings us to a point where according to me working on the things internally from “within” are the first and foremost fixes we should consider in our lifestyle today.

Of course, it’s not possible to fix everything at a time but definitely one should not keep mental backlog hanging or unsolved.

Believe it or no, stress sits at the core as a fundamental reason for many skin issues along with erratic or unhealthy eating habits.

And this can be easily explained with the following “hormonal-brain-body-connection”.

When you are stressed about something your brain sends a signal to release and secrete more cortisol hormone which is indirectly linked to triggering those food cravings wherein you crave more comforting foods to emotionally make yourself feel good as a counter regulating mechanism from your body to lower those increased levels of this stress hormone.

This not only affects your mood but also your thought process which subconsciously sets in a base triage for several emotional triggers that eventually slowly keeps sabotaging your mindset toward a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, combating stress can alleviate the ill effects of a few or many toxic habits that have subconsciously got ingrained in you.

Mind you, they have the ability to leave footprints on the way you live your life and then they can silently also regulate the patterns of your mindset to live a certain type of lifestyle you might be living today.

Remember it takes just a few muscles to smile that relieves your worries but many muscles to frown which means even your body makes less effort to bring out positive outcomes naturally.

So, de-stressing yourself is the fundamental solution above all because stress, worries, anxiety which are all interconnected with each other can impact your life entirely in many unknown ways you might not be aware of!

For example, you must have noticed you usually continue to feel pathetic for your entire day after that spat with your mother in the morning which clearly has an impact on your food choices for that day. In this case, you might end up choosing a plate of a chaat or dessert over nuts and seeds mix.

Another example, you may choose to procrastinate your walks or exercise regime for a simple reason, that you feel exhausted at the end of the day because your boss/ that one colleague usually spoils your mood at work which increases your stress levels and releases cortisol-stress hormones after those events.

Just imagine, events like these and many others keep happening every day in a week. This is where the catch is!

These habits when repeated knowingly or unknowingly for a few days, weeks and months eventually become irreplaceable and difficult to change habits.

I hope this toxic stress recurrent cycle is relatively a bit clearer to you now.

It’s a very well-known fact that you and I cannot avoid stress but certainly, we can charge to control our levels of stress.

So, take time to sit back, relax just by indulging in meditation, yoga, walks, stretches, sports, and surely take a few minutes out every day to bask in the early morning sunshine.

I can assure you, lower the levels of your cortisol-stress hormone, more mindful you’ll become before choosing junk, fast, sweet or convenient foods.

After settling with your stress levels, you can define your skin goals, envision them with the foods and habits you will require to reach there, and make them a part of your meditation in the form of positive affirmations. Repeat mental relaxation exercises at least 2 times per day.

Keep in mind transformation takes time and comes only with persistence and patience.

Coming on to the next crucial part “Sleep”, to tell you if your cortisol levels are well balanced you are bound to have a sound sleep which means you wake up fresh without the signs of puffiness and dullness on your face.

So, if you have slept well, you tend to eat well and as result, your hormonal cycles will slowly show signs of improvement. So, sleep for at least 8 hours per night.

And you know what?

Because you are relaxed in your mind you will be more mindful while you eat your food wherein you will take time to chew your food well and enjoy being in the present moment.

Taking time to chew your food well will allow you to stick to your food portion size and as a result, you will end up your day with fewer cravings.

Moving on to the next.

Cooking in less oil goes without saying which means choosing more foods in their natural state and exposing foods to the flameless or only where it’s necessary is also important.

So, now we move on to the most interesting part that intrigues most females around the globe, that is external skincare.

5 steps to external skincare are Exfoliating, cleansing, masking, toning, moisturizing

So, to get rid of dead cells on your skin you need to gently scrub, then cleanse with a mild lotion, next to wear nutrients infused mask, then tone your refreshed skin to close those open pores and finally moisturize to keep your skin supple.

Cautious to those with active cystic acne, you might have to omit one to two steps in between here and there for which consultation can work best for you.

Few other habits which we usually tend to forget to pay attention to are not protecting our skin with sunscreen & umbrella from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations emitted post-brunch hours till mid-evening.

The second habit that you might be often doing subconsciously is to touch our face without using a hand sanitizer or washing our hands before touching our face.

This might sound funny to you but imagine in a day, we are engrossed with multiple things and we don’t even know what we touched. On top of that, these microscopically visible bacteria are not at all visible through our naked eyes which have the ability to harbor on your skin cells that causes accumulation of dirt, dust, and other infectious particles as an outcome come acne.

The third ignored habit you might be doing is wearing makeup daily and forgetting to remove it at night before you get on your bed.

When you do this, you block your skin cells to breathe normally, and that most often causes clogging of your skin pores which in turn causes accumulation of pus cells, and finally an infectious acne crops up.

Instead of wearing make-up daily, how about essential oils, face mists, and face serums?

The fourth and the most neglected habit is to leave your dandruff untreated. Keeping your scalp clean is important to avoid that flaky dandruff that can stay on your face and in turn cause outbursts of acne. So, manage your sebum-producing oil glands by keeping yourself well hydrated and by following skin essential foods I mentioned in my previous blog because if you don’t work from inside nothing on the outside will work for you just from the surface level.

Lastly not forget to protect yourself from the increasing pollution almost everywhere for which a face mask works the best! All thanks to COVID-19 that introduced us to a trend to wear face masks.

So, what do you think how many of the above lifestyle habits do you follow in your daily life and how many you don’t?

Aren’t these pragmatic hacks relatively easy enough to be practiced one by one & continue with your skincare journey?

Do let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

Lastly, always remember good skincare is an inside-out job that only you can make work “holistically” only with the right skin nutrients and skin care practices.

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