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A simple appreciation gesture from the boss can affect a lot of the mental satisfaction of the employees. It is the most valuable thing they can get after tirelessly working for the association. A small token of acknowledgment is a boost enough for them to leave no stone unturned in their work presentation. Their confidence is hiked and is motivated for their task. They will try even harder from the next task onwards to prove themselves and get approval and appraisal from the head.

Motivation, therefore, is the basic requirement to energize employees and make them goal-oriented. Praises have the power to motivate the workers. This process of performance appraisal is crucial for boosting employee productivity and improving their outcomes. When every employee himself is motivated and takes his work as worship then automatically there will be a positive effect on the overall productivity of the company.

Although the employees working day in and day out deserves much more than a simple “thank you” everyone deserves at least a “thank you”. Being a manager of a company, it is a responsibility upon his shoulders to maintain harmony and a cheerful atmosphere in the workplace. Some of the many methods for performance appraisal of employees can include:

1. Involve employees in discussions:

Welcoming inputs from employees on matters concerning the whole company will make them feel a part of it and not just a mere workers. He will consider the company his family and will think out of the box for its betterment which will be beneficial for the company. Listening to every employee’s constructive feedback and criticism will not only open up more avenues to consider but also make employees feel more valued and accepted.

2. Give them shout-outs on social media:

In the modern era where social media plays a great role in the lives of people, even a small story for someone can make their day and makes them feel special. A major part of every job is on online mode after the covid period, so the manager should make the most out of this opportunity in praising the performance of their employees.

3. Plan gaming for all:

Continuous stress of work can lead to slow reactivity of an individual. Hence, regular constructive distractions are very necessary for the brain to refresh and work properly. Games are the best option for this purpose. They help build a stronger, friendlier bond with fellow employees and also help relieve the accumulated stress from work. While playing brain releases “happy hormones” and different exercises help maintain physical fitness.

Both online and offline activities can be organized for the staff.

This small activity may help people to engage more informally and later help in better concentration, increased problem-solving activity, cheerful mood, and a productive environment.

4. Plan small trips for the staff:

A small outdoor trip where business is not discussed is very revitalizing for people. People want to work with companies where such activities are taken up. It gives a break to everyone from office work and hierarchical settings. Such small refreshments like an outdoor dinner or a two-day vacation are a great option to revive every soul and mind.

5. Keep incentives on tasks and organize competitions:

The company should set targets for the employees and keep incentives for the pioneering person. This will boost employees to work harder and give their all to the task.

Likewise, regular competitions and contests maintain the interest of employees to be a part of the programs and earn extra incentives.

6. Organize yearly best employee awards:

Every company should organize yearly awards in different categories and set hallmarks clearly stated from the start of the year. This will act as a regular source of motivation for the employees to perform their side, if the employees are subjected to nonexistent performance appraisal and treated as mere dispensers of service they cannot work wholeheartedly. Neither are they motivated nor contented. Hence, this may lead to a downfall in the company’s productivity in the long run.

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