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How to hit back Covid third wave

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Pandemic had a severe effect on child’s mental and physical health. They are confined at homes for more than a year. Children may express their emotions by acting out in a different ways. Some may become silent while others show their emotions by throwing tantrums and anger. However, we have to prepare ourselves and our kids to fight well this time. Building immunity becomes key at this stage.

Here are few simple ways that we can build immunity right from birth:

1. Exclusive breastfeeding: Exclusive breastfeeding means feeding only breastmilk until the age of 6 months. Mother’s milk contain colostrum is considered the gold standard in building baby’s immunity. In addition, breastmilk contains abundance of nutrients needed to build immunity.

2. Stick to the immunization schedule: Ensure that the vaccination schedule advised by the pediatrician is uninterrupted and the child gets the required shots on time.

3. Starting Complementary feeding at the right age and serving a healthy platter: Complementary feeding means feeding other foods along with breastmilk after the age of 6 months.

Encourage your child to eat rainbow, serving fruits and vegetables of all colors. Oranges and citrus fruits contain Vitamin C, which boost immunity and act as a barrier against infections. Green leafy vegetables are iron rich and aid in the production of WBC’s and antibodies. Nuts, seeds and grains contain omega fatty acids, which fight against free radicals.

4. Healthy gut: Gut health is critical to a good digestive system, where a majority of all infections arise. Foods rich in probiotics strengthens the intestinal tract and aid the growth of good bacteria. Yoghurt is a great way to include probiotics in the family’s daily diet.

5. Proper sleep: A set routine for bedtime including warm bath, light massage and reading together for some time also improves the family bonding and in turn will make child happier.

6. Stay active: An hour of activity in the park and even an indoor playground can work wonders for a child’s health and boost immunity.

7. Making hygiene a habit: Washing hands first after having an outdoor visit should be made as a habit of the whole family. Children always imitate the things which they see elders in the family doing. So, to incorporate hygiene habits in the children one should first incorporate in their lifestyle.

8. Vitamin D intake: Whenever possible take children outdoors for fresh air and vitamin D. Vitamin D is required by each cell in the body to build immunity.

9. Smoke free environment: Children breathe at a faster rate than an adult does. Therefore, they can inhale more smoke if it is present in the environment.

10. Avoid antibiotics unless necessary: Though they act fast, antibiotics as the first step may not always be the best idea. Antibiotics often wipe out the good bacteria along with the harmful one thus compromising the immunity.

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