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Importance of Counselling at Workplace

Updated: May 25, 2022


Following the decline of the pandemic, regular life has returned back to its pace. For corporations, the resumption period is perceived as the time to regain the level of growth and maximize profits.

This might be a major reason behind employees complaining about increased stress at the workplace. As a matter of fact, many companies have recorded high rates of attrition in a very short period of time following the resumption. Thus, understanding the problems employees face at such a time becomes imperative for companies. Hence, several multinational corporations are considering employee counseling as a major part of their operations.

What is counseling?

By definition, counseling means to provide professional advice and help to somebody who faces problems. At any workplace, companies ensure that the employees are provided with adequate facilities and resources to assist them with their daily routine. Similarly, it is necessary to understand the employees' mental health, their social quotient, and many other problems that lead to mental stress.

Here’s where counseling steps in. Professional counselors can help understand all the problems that an employee faces, in and away from the office. Not only do counselors understand one’s problems, but also help find a feasible solution to them and relieve the person from loads of stress at the workplace.

Why is counseling required?

Sometimes, employees are caught in a dilemma to express the difficulties they are facing at work with their subordinates or peers. At the same time, if a third person steps in to understand the problems, an employee might feel more comfortable with holding discussions and venting out their emotions.

More importantly, from a company’s point of view, counseling can be a major factor to prove that they care about their employees. When the employees sense that the company is putting an effort to protect them, it automatically makes an impact on their performance at work. Thus, counseling can directly or indirectly increase the productivity of employees at the workplace.


Assisting the employees with efficient problem solving:

Counseling helps employees who have technical, personal, and emotional adjustment problems that are interfering with their work performance. This increases the productivity of employees and boosts their confidence in the work.

Helping employees:

Counseling helps in coping with work situations and work stressors. It also helps employees to manage work anxiety. It changes the unhealthy patterns of thinking and improves decision making.

Helps in sorting their problems:

It helps in identifying work-related problems and poor performance. This can help the employees to focus on the “why” of the problem and handle it more efficiently. Counselling also assists to understand the situation more objectively. This helps the employees to find the root of the problem and work towards improving the situation or finding a solution.

The low attrition rate in office:

Counselling provides employees a space to share and discuss their tension, conflicts, concerns, and problems. This prevents termination from the employer or resignation from the employee. This also further reduces the cost of hiring new employees and training new staff.

A new perspective:

It increases the personal and interpersonal effectiveness of the employees through effective feedback. This also motivates the employees to search for alternative solutions to the problems.

Improved organizational performance:

Counseling helps employees to realize their potential as the employees try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It also provides an opportunity for employees to get more insights into their behavior and have a better understanding of the environment.

Efficient coordination between employer and employee:

Counseling promotes communicating with the employees. This helps to maximize impact and achieve synergy. It also helps employees to have a strong, healthy, and mutually respectful relationship with their employers.


Even though work-related issues including stress, overwork, and difficult colleagues directly impact an employee’s performance, personal issues can also have a similar negative impact. Employee counseling can have a positive impact on the employee’s life and provide solutions with respect to their problems to start a stress-free life.

Counseling support enables the employees to utilize anger and stress management techniques to improve work-life balance. It can also help employee retention while saving the organization money in the long run.

mHealth is AI-powered, community-based wellness platform for corporates. At mHealth, we are supporting corporates in Employee Counselling by certified psychologists. For more details, please visit our tool or contact us at; +91 9871016161

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