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Key Points to keep in mind while feeding Kids

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

To develop good eating habits in kids and to ensure their healthy future, one should keep in mind the below-given points:

1. Meal timings and sleep timings should be fixed. There are always fewer mood swings when they know what to expect when. In addition, kids eat less and show less disinterest towards meals when they are tired.

2. Sweets like chocolates, candies, ice creams should not be offered to kids, as they are just empty calories (i.e. lack vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients). Instead of these, try to incorporate healthy options like fruits, kheer, and jaggery after meals.

3. Try not to give a child too many fried and unhealthy snacks.

4. Too much calcium in the form of milk is also not good for kids, as they will feel less hungry for other foods containing vital vitamins and minerals.

5. Forcing the child to eat more than he needs or forcing the child to finish his plate will make him susceptible to become obese later in life. Let the child decide when his tummy is full.

6. There should be a balance of nutrients in the right proportions. Food from different food groups should be incorporated. Judgment of diet based on one meal or one day should not be done. Rather the variety of nutrients over the span of the week should be seen.

7. To increase the nutritional density of the child’s diet, try to add the nutritional supplement to his milk. There are many multivitamin soluble powders available in the market, which could be added to milk to fill the gap of any missing nutrient in his diet. However, it cannot be a substitute for a poor diet. Always speak to your doctor first before choosing any supplement, as he will be the best to decide which one is appropriate for your child’s age.

8. Kids at this age are always attracted to fancy or colorful food items. Try to convert the healthy vegetables into the food of their preference.

9. Try to develop their interest in food by also educating them while feeding about the health benefits of that food on their body.

10. Make the feeding time a joyful and family time by allowing them to sit and eat along with family and letting them to adapt their family pattern of having meals.

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