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  • Monika Garg


Locked are roads, shops, malls, stores and cinema halls but locking down my emotions, feelings and imaginations is not in my hand. I wish I could have some fear attached to it so that suppressing them could be easy, it could be easy to make them understand staying inside is good for survival. Orthodox society orders my emotions to stay inside and keep mum. I wish they could understand how mental choking can lead to physical damage. In this tragic condition when things are upside down and staying at home, keeping yourself busy with non-ending house chores is a compulsion, some emotions overflow, some feelings overpower you and some thoughts crib you inside.

No lock down is able to stop the overflowing of highly intense emotions. A helping hand, a call from a friend, a warm smile from family can ease the pain and relieve the stress. Mental health is nothing but taking care of each other during the difficult times. Flying high may not be my dream but freedom to wish so cannot be locked inside.

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