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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Masaledar Jindagi All of you must have seen the famous Hindi movie “Anand” starring Amitabh & Rajesh Khanna, where Amitabh is a famous doctor fully occupied in his profession, not much caring about life, happiness, or other passions. Rajesh Khanna is a Cancer patient with few days left for his life, however, he decided to live his life with passion, his jubilant approach to life impresses Amitabh also, once Rajesh says to Amitabh that “ Babu Moshai Jindagi Badi honi chahiye lambi nahi, I would rather add one more line “Masaledar bhi honi chahiye”.

We are all in our very busy life & have forgotten the science of food. In families, where both husband and wife are working – very less impetus is being given to food with spices. To add colors to our life, to add energy, passion, cheerfulness, very healthy tasty food is a must.

A good selection of spices works as a catalyst in preparing a good recipe. Hence, we all should be very thoughtful in the selection of spices as they leave a very long-lasting impact on our lives. Spices play a very important role in our daily happiness also. Many times, it lifts our mood, enhances our happiness, changes our taste, they also have medicinal effects.

Spices are also accused of shaping history. India has a very long tradition of using spices in foods. Indian Spices were in high demand since the medieval ages in the entire world. Once Istanbul (connecting point of Asia to Europe) had fallen to Muslims, spice trade to Europe got impacted & thus European were forced to explore new trade routes to India & South East Asia. Vasco-Da-Gama explored a new sea route to India to secure spice trade, and in coming years it also ensured European dominance in the Indian subcontinent.

According to research, there are more than 100 common spices used in cooking around the world. Spices are known to have several health benefits. It can make Indian traditional food the healthiest meal eaten around the world. India Spices are majorly dominated by Garam masala, which consists of Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cumin, Coriander, Tej Patta, red chili, etc. Here are few spices to be focused on:


Turmeric being the main ingredient brings many benefits such as

  • It promotes weight loss

  • Boosts the immune system,

  • Prevents Arthritis,

  • Improves digestion,

  • Excellent blood purifier,

  • Natural aspirin for headaches.


  • It can be used as Haldi + water,

  • Haldi + milk,

  • Kadha,

  • Raw as salad, in curries, etc.


  • It is good for Gut health,

  • Increases metabolism,

  • Having anti-viral/ anti-bacterial properties.

  • Works as an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory substance

  • It reduces blood sugar,

  • Controls blood pressure &

  • Relieves digestive discomforts.


  • It could be consumed in powder form with hot water,

  • Can be used in morning tea

  • Can be prepared as an ingredient with Kadha.


Cumin is very soothing for stomach.

  • It treats diabetes, regulates blood pressure,

  • Helps in weight loss,

  • Relieves cold & asthma.

  • Prolonged uses help in hair health, controls cholesterol.


  • Cumin Water with lemon juice is the most used recipe.

  • Another most used recipe is cumin with Yoghurt.


  • It increases nutrient absorption,

  • Stimulates appetite,

  • Improves digestion,

  • Relieves gas,

  • Facilitates weight loss &

  • Treats gum problems


Dry seeds/ Powder can be most commonly used

  • With Salad,

  • Soup, morning tea,

  • Kadha,

  • Hot water detox with Lemon + Honey & fruits.


  • It fights Bacteria & Fungi,

  • Improves cholesterol levels,

  • May lower blood pressure,

  • Combats peptic ulcers and relieves indigestion,

  • May prevent coughing and improve airflow,

  • Has anti-inflammatory effects.


  • As mouth freshener,

  • Roasted Ajwain water,

  • Fried with Ajwain Cardamom

  • Used to treat throat problems,

  • Pulmonary tuberculosis and inflammation of eyelids,

  • Lung congestion, and digestive disorders.

  • It is also used to develop an antidote for the venom of snakes and scorpions.

  • In traditional medicine, it has been used for treating constipation, dysentery, stomach aches, and other types of digestive problems.

  • It is used in a variety of dishes and

  • Is used to treat the teeth and gums


Regardless of the other health benefits, spices add flavor, color, aroma, and texture to food. The benefits of Indian spices are plenty and proven by many researchers around the world. If you wish to add happiness to your life, want to improve your health, taste buds enjoy your meal with the right combination n a number of spices.

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