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I am sharing this story as I feel truly blessed that I am among the few who have been given the opportunity to follow their passion and convert it into their profession. As a woman, I could not have asked for I am a happier person (I know that for sure) because the work that I do is energizing. It de-stresses me. Here's my journey of how it all started.

I was a typical Indian Kid, who wasn’t academically that strong but wanted to always impress my parents and teachers by getting good grades. If you'd ask me one question after a month of exam - probability was I would not be able to remember the answer. I finished schooling and passed with good grades (but not excellent as my cousins) (giggles) in CBSE Boards and got admission into PAU (Punjab Agricultural university), which was not that easy for sure. Students those who are getting admissions in Universities / Colleges like Thapar wanted to get admission in Universities like PAU. For Getting admission in PAU I worked very hard and also at the same time not expected that I will get admission in this university, but by God’s grace I got admission in PAU, which wasn’t less than a dream come true . (Yes, my parents were delighted that I had got admission in one of the finest universities in Ludhiana ) for doing my undergrad in BSC (Hons) . I write Hons. as it was apparently a cool thing to do it then, as it meant you belonged to the more brainy set.

In my last year I have an Experiential Learning course in which I got to learn about baking.

So baking, which is my passion and I changed this into my profession.

Being into this line / profession of (Nutritionist and Dietitian’s) make me so happy, in which I can do lifestyle modifications and help people achieving their goals.

Being quiet healthy (uff Fatty - society say) and at the same time being into this line sometimes make me feel so sad wanna know why? Let me tell you -

Society Says like this -

“ Dietitan toh fit hote hai “

“Khudh pe implement karlo pehle “

“Tu fit hoegi tabhi toh clients ayenge “

These are few phrases which I got to hear by my relatives or some my very dear aunties (jinko meri bhut fikar hai ) every third day .

So these little things make me feel so sad and puts down my confidence level to zero sometimes. Sometimes it make me feel like I’m not worth it. Body shaming is the act of making fun of a person's physical appearance. Body shaming is not acceptable at all.

I feel like a person should know his / her worth and should focus on the good stuff but not letting themselves feel down because of someone else.

So now I have stopped thinking about this, I know my worth and I listen to them but don’t let them affect my mind of course. I know where I stand and what my priorities are.

Apart from all this -

As luck would have it, I got a chance or you can say I got an opportunity to be a part of one of the finest companies that is I happened to be one of them.

I believe in destiny, and I believe that was my chosen path and now currently working in this company gives me so much of peace and satisfaction. Working with so many hardworking Nutritionists and Dietitians.

I feel blessed that I have had this opportunity to live my passion, make a profession out of it and be dedicated to it. So if you have a passion, if you know you can create something out of it - then give it a shot. It’s scary - yes it is! But you know, If you are committed and you can spin a business out of it - your life will be fulfilled! Truly!

For all the women folks reading this... we have it in us. We are talented, multitaskers and persevering. So throw of that bowlines and start sailing. Our being happy/unhappy affects so many people around us - and we owe it to ourselves to be happier, content and committed. So find that lost passion, creativity or what you really enjoy doing and see if you create a career out of it. You will be the happiest ever!

Also trust the timings of God. Never stop believing in God. Just know your worth and stop thinking “Log kya khenge”, because “Kuch toh log khenge logo ka kaam hai kehna “

So do whatever makes your soul happy and peaceful. Just listen to the positive reviews or positive talks. Because positive mindset is all you need to become successful.

Just be yourself!

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