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Positive Attitude and Self Confidence

Positive thoughts create self-confidence. Positive attitude towards self and others can help in achieving self-esteem, which in turn improves your ability to handle situations, your determination to achieve success, recognizing your skills, handling difficult moments, decision taking ability, believing in self and others and accepting daily challenges. It is usually said that a successful person becomes self-confident, but fact is that success comes to those who are confident. To have positive attitude towards life, we need to improve attitude towards others and ourselves.

A routine work out, balanced diet and good clothing is the key towards getting positive vibes towards self and others as well. Yoga, meditation, workout and morning/evening walks help release Serotonin, the happy hormone. Physical activity not only keeps the body fit but also helps in improving self-confidence. An important aspect that many people overlook when it comes to self-confidence is our physical health. If we are feeling physically fit and are eating a balanced diet, we feel better about ourselves as compared to when we fill up on junk food and don't get enough exercise. This is because the mind and body are inextricably linked. Our bodies are affected by what's going on in our mind.

A nutritious diet helps in developing self- confidence, if diet is not healthy and balanced and includes junk, stale food, alcohol etc., your decision taking power, self-esteem and in turn confidence is not achieved.

Your way of dressing up and how you present yourself, also reflects your personality. So while dressing up it should be kept in mind, that dress is going to reveal your personality. We all have many positive attributes but sometimes just one, self-perceived, negative overrules the many positives. Don’t let the negative, self-perceived, thought over shadow your goodness. Compliment yourself often on what you love about you each and every day. Be yourself, be expressive and let the positive side of you get reflected.

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