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Do you also feel pain in your neck while sitting on your work desk for a prolonged period? A few of the jobs require more hours of standing, walking while on the other hand, few jobs only require sitting at one place for prolonged hours and working.

Prolonged hours of sitting imply physical inactivity which can drain your health and have a disadvantageous effect on blood circulation as well as posture.

Several Health-Related problems that can be caused due to prolonged sitting includes:

Ø Adverse effect on mental health:

As you sit for long hours at the same place without any physical activity, it can cause mental illness such as anxiety and depression. Physical activity plays an important role as working while sitting for a prolonged period implies a sedentary lifestyle, which gradually causes health-related problems.

Ø No Physical activity can make you obese:

Due to physical inactivity, there is no energy expenditure which eventually causes the accumulation of fat in the body. As there is an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure it leads to obesity and it, in turn, causes many other health-related diseases.

Ø Joint Pain: Poor sitting posture causes joint pain and muscle pain, as the muscles become tight because of prolonged sitting time. Working in front of your computer for a long time without any physical movement can also cause neck pain and back pain.

Ø Diabetes:

Sitting for long hours can cause changes in insulin resistance and the body’s metabolism, which can cause Type -2 diabetes mellitus as excess sugar is underutilized by tissues accumulating in the blood. Therefore, physical activity is an important part of one’s lifestyle.

Ø Varicose Veins:

Longer hours of sitting can also lead to varicose veins because sitting causes blood to pool in the legs. Another complication due to long sitting hours includes deep vein thrombosis in which blood clot is formed in the veins of the legs.

What can be done to avoid prolonged sitting hours at the work desk?

Ø Stretch every hour – Take a break while you work and stand up, stretch your body so that it does not become stiff due to long sitting hours. Get some fresh air and walk for some time. You can opt for alternatives such as using stairs instead of the elevator or lift, instead of using a scooter or car for getting something from a nearby departmental store, try to walk for a few miles and shop.

Ø Walk while talking – As work from home is a new smoke nowadays, while you are having any conference call, try to attend it while walking so that you are physically active in the day, it will not only keep you active, but it will also boost your mood and energy and prevent you from many health-related risks.

Ø Change your sitting posture- While you work on your desk, try to sit in a proper posture to avoid the neck pain or back pain. Change your chair as opt for swopper chairs, it will help you in maintaining a good sitting posture and avoid many health-related problems.

Few lifestyle changes can lead to a better working environment and prevent you from certain health-related problems.

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