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Reboot your Aging process

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

None of us can escape the natural process of aging but you can certainly slow down the speed at which you age. As you know aging is inevitable therefore earlier your efforts the better it is for you to reduce the mileage of your individual aging process as a responsible driver of your body.

Yes, each one of you possesses a unique aging process depending and varying as per your genotypic composition, your existing medical history, the foods you eat, the lifestyle you live, your activity levels, and your levels of stress, which cumulatively decides how fast your aging process will accelerate.

If you want to be the one who ages gracefully when you hit your 50’s or 60’s and many more years with an exuberance of being in a state of good health then you definitely need an age-slow-down map that takes care of your individual body!


  • To clear the air, “Aging” as a term is not only restricted to, How you look in the mirror or How many wrinkles you can fade? But, it’s more about,

  • How healthy do you feel from the inside?

  • How confidently you can survive independently with your own body by your side?


  • How physically, mentally, and emotionally fit you are as you age?

  • How healthy is your heart and other organs?

  • How can you plan not to be a liability to someone?

  • How can you reduce the chances of the onset of some commonly encountered lifestyle or other disorders in your life as you age?

That’s how you must question your future aging self to discover your own path. Believe it or no, the process of aging begins right from the time when you enter adulthood. Mostly due to our careers, we generally don’t really bother because we perceive ourselves to be still young. While we build our careers, we often ignore to watch over what we eat? How much do we eat? For how long we were active? With time passing by and the pressure of peers as well as other outside influences, we tend to get into unhealthy habits that don’t serve us at all in the long run but they do leave a few signs of aging as a side-effect in your body.

Let me tell you your aging process is at high alert if you are the one who loves to live for food over health! As per published studies, there are a few noticeable factors that can rapidly age you down but if you amend those noticeable factors, you can certainly reboot your aging process over time along with your consistent efforts because there is no one-shot magic pill to reverse aging! Every habit and every effort compounds together to give you that result you aspire to see in yourself.


For ages, Food always had a vital role to play in the way we age. All you needed to do is be vigilant in your choices of food and drop the unhealthy ones. You also need to understand that each piece of sugar-rich food you reach your hand on, increases your chronological age. Just to tell you, there is your age as per your date of birth and there is another age that your individual body defines as your chronological age. This age highly depends on your everyday lifestyle habits and the type of foods you consume. If your chronological age is more than your actual age, it generally signifies that your lifestyle and eating habits are unhealthy as your fat composition will be higher than your muscle mass, your BMI will be out of normal limits and your weight will explode beyond your ideal body weight.


The more you have a habit of indulging in sweet foods, more than 3 to 4 tsp a day (preferably less), your body will undergo a process called glycation. It is nothing but excess sugar binding with protein to produce free radicals. These free radicals damage the healthy cells of your organs and skin which set a base for attracting many lifestyle disorders such as Obesity, Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and others. The onset of these or any of these diseases will amplify your aging process.


Salt is the well-known hidden culprit that you subconsciously crave in every food you eat. It’s not exactly your fault! Fast foods, package foods, ready-to-eat foods, junk foods, and fried foods are filled with salt to make you crave more for the same food, again and again, all thanks to their brainwashing advertisements and offerings!

Research says, if you consume cooking salt more than 1.6g to 2g per day, you are exposing your healthy cells to get drained out easily, as excess salt leeches out water from your healthy cells that make you look and feel dull, fatigued, tired, and dehydrated.

Research also quotes, excess salty and sugary foods, additionally, have the power to deplete the absorption of your vitamins and minerals that are vital to your everyday body functions which if lost or becomes deficient can weaken your body and trash out the benefits of antioxidants in your body this certainly will make you age more speedily.


On the other hand, consuming fried foods more than a couple of times a week or in a large quantity also produces free radicals that can rob your youthfulness, affect your skin’s elasticity and of course add on extra weight which will definitely make you look physically unfit, hamper your overall health and set your aging process on fire!


Apart from foods, your lifestyle habits such as smoking and excess drinking can also gear up the accelerator of your aging process. Both will have detrimental effects on your body if you indulge frequently and continue to indulge for a long time. Both habits have the ability to make your cells dehydrated which shows up on your face first as you look parched, pale, and puffy. They also have the potential to affect your micronutrient absorption and steal your glow.

  • A classic example of a micronutrient such as calcium if not absorbed properly will make your bones brittle and fragile which simply hints that you are on your way to an early onset of osteoporosis.

  • Another example, Vitamin C a water-soluble vitamin and a potent antioxidant can be easily flushed off if poorly absorbed.

After reading all this, if you surely don’t want to be defined by your age then you must exercise!


You may not know but exercise is a cornerstone for aging gracefully.

Get up and get into a habit to release toxins from your body, to maintain a healthy weight, to burn extra fat, to strengthen your bones, to improve your circulation, to maintain the elasticity of your nerves, and to pump more freshly oxygenated blood in your cells with a set of combination exercises such as aerobics, strength training, balance, and flexibility.

  • Few aerobic exercises include running, dancing, swimming, hiking, playing an outdoor sport.

  • Strengthening workouts to name a few includes push-ups or planks, and many more.

  • For Balance and flexibility, yoga works out to be the best.


Food-wise, concentrate to eat a rainbow on your plate every day. Include all the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, at least 3 servings with different color vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato, and a minimum of 2 servings of a variety of fruits such as all the citrus fruits then berries and dried fruits every single day.

Particularly as per researchers the Ikigai diet which gathered much attention from all over the globe includes a rainbow diet with tofu, jasmine tea, less salt, less added sugar, tuna, seaweed, soybeans, miso, carrot as their secrets to staying young even at 60.


Along with everything above, manage your stress levels and learn to deal with your stress-causing reasons as well as habits for you to stay calm, composed, and cool, definitely by doing so you are opting for one of the ways to slow down your aging process. Your body senses stress as a signal to store more fat which increases the stress hormone cortisol that turns on the signal for cravings and temptations for unhealthy sugary, salty as well fried foods, simultaneously increases the secretion of ghrelin hormone that will push you to eat a large quantity of these foods ultimately to comfort your body.

It is equally important to surround yourself with positive people around you that help you to optimize your self-talk laced with optimism. Those who believe in discussing and planning out eating healthy foods every time they meet you or you meet them, so you no longer feel tempted to reach out to unhealthy foods. This will highly favor and support your mission to flow in the segue of healthy aging like you foresee in your mind.


Learn to stay creative! Develop a passion to engage in a creative active hobby like gardening if that’s possible and that’s what you like or painting or cooking which will not allow you to sit for a long time, a hobby that will keep you on your toes and help you to stay active while you enjoy every bit of it. This habit will keep your mind fresh and occupied with something you like the most apart from your daily 9 to 5 mundane work. Indeed, the age reversal process is largely dependent on your habits, the foods you choose to eat, the lifestyle you choose to live, and how well you manage your mental health! These together will surely enable you to ring in your birthday every year with a surge in your health quotient and fill your life with vibrant colors of health, strength, vigor, and vitality as you step forward in your journey of life.

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