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Sabja seeds are also mentioned as falooda seeds, Tukmaria seeds or basil seeds and are a powerhouse of nutrition and filled with immunity-boosting properties. These tiny little seeds are often confused with chia seeds. The black and tear-shaped seeds are rich in proteins, carbs, and essential fats and are filled with an honest deal of fiber and surprisingly carries no calories as well.

Sabja seeds has lots of benefits. These include

1. Aids weight loss

2. Relief in Constipation

3. Controls blood sugar levels

4. Treats cough and cold

5. Skin care and Hair care

6. Reduces body heat

7. Anti-Inflammatory agent for pains, aches, swelling

8. Boost Immunity

9. Helps treat acidity and heartburn


Basil seeds are hard to chew, so don't take them raw. Sabja seeds are said to be most nutritious when soaked in water and consumed. Soak them in water before consuming, which makes them more gelatinous. It is recommended to have minimum of two teaspoons a day to realize health benefits. Soak about two teaspoons of sabja seeds in one cup of warm water for about quarter-hour. Warm water causes the seeds to completely swell and there by releasing antioxidants and beneficial digestive enzymes.


1. Juice of 1 lemon

2. 2 glass chilled water (ice cubes optional)

3. 2 teaspoon sabja seeds

4. 4 to 5 mint leaves roughly torn

5. Pinch of salt for each glass (optional)


1. Wash and soak the sabja seeds in warm water for 10 to fifteen minutes.

2. Strain out the excess water and keep aside.

3. In a jar add lemon juice and chilled water. Mix well.

4. Add the strained sabja seeds, stir and transfer to a relaxing glass.

5. Add the mint leaves and salt.

6. Add ice cubes and serve chilled.

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