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Diabetes in today’s fast moving world is rising exponentially. According to the latest figures, India ranks second in the world in terms of number of diabetes patients. It is estimated that by 2045 India will rank 1st in number of adults living with diabetes. Seeing on the population distribution, it is therefore imperative to diagnose and manage it promptly.

Diabetes is slow, silent and stealthy. It can affect almost every part of the body. So, if diagnosed with diabetes, one has to take care about overall health. Being active on managing blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and other parameters will help the condition to improve.

It’s very important to know your diabetes so that one can go parallel to manage it. Here’s a blueprint of the steps you need to include in your diabetes pamper plan. `The alphabets here help you to manage

A-HbA1c : Glycosylated hemoglobin. An index which determines the 3 months check on glucose levels. A person is considered to have Diabetes Mellitus if the level of HbA1c is ­­≥6.5%.

B-Blood pressure : It should be taken care so that it always remains in the proper range. Systolic blood pressure goal should be <130mm-Hg and diastolic blood pressure <80 mm-Hg.

C-Cholesterol : Management of Dyslipidemia should be an important part of the diabetes care plan. To keep a check on the “Good” & “Bad” Cholesterol and to manage it effectively will cut down the risks of heart attack or stroke.

D- Disciplined Diet : Diet is the crux of the diabetes management. A well balanced plate with Complex carbohydrates, adequate protein requirements, inclusion of good fats and fiber in the diet will bring positive results. Micro nutrients including vitamins and minerals will increase the effectiveness in the diet to a greater extent. It is always advisable to meet recommended glasses of water intake on a daily basis.

E-Exercise: Exercise gradually helps in improving blood circulation. Walking is the best kind of exercise one can definitely opt to and create a regime for it. It also helps in reducing body weight which in turn helps in managing diabetes.

F- Follow ups with your Diabetologist and Dietitian: Adhering to your Diabetologist for your regular check-up will help you to understand your diabetes more in depth. The more you are concerned, the lesser are the chances of undergoing any major issues in future. Dietitian /Nutritionist can help you more to reach to your target set goals easier which motivates to be more consistent and reliable.

G- Goals to be achieved and

H- Habit to persist could be an addition to the list so that the individual is on the right track and is consistently trying to be healthier day by day to enjoy rest of the life.

Take Care of your body and it will definitely reward you more!!!

Dt. Nikita Nichani

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