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Why is workplace wellness crucial?

As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”, one needs to invest more in health rather than material.

Alarming to know that 70 to 90 percent of healthcare spending is caused by preventable, modifiable health issues like the bullet above? Most of the time, it is found that unhealthy lifestyle choices cause chronic diseases, leading to sick and ailing manpower which in turn impacts efficiency, performance, production, and revenue. Unhealthy lifestyle choices can cost your business more than one trillion dollars in terms of productivity level.

Employees' health costs are not mere medical bills, it directly impacts the overall structure of a company. Promoting healthier behavior in the right way is the best investment an employer can invest in his resources. A healthy workforce can only generate the desired revenue. There are several different employee wellness programs that can be implemented to encourage the individual to accept all preventive measures to avert the onset or worsening of the illness. Here, we will explore why employee wellness is important.


Changes in the behavior and environment play a major role in the growth of an organization and employers get tremendous opportunities to showcase the impact of a healthier environment on the employees and the whole ecosystem, generating a more hygienic and productive atmosphere.

Healthy employees and employers are the assets to keep any organization excelling in this competitive market. Healthy and active manpower leads to a more focussed individual approach towards his work, goals, and targets.

It is important to know that employees’ wellness is essential to business and is considered the key to organizational growth. The physical and mental wellness of your working environment impacts the workplace culture, its resources, and productivity as well. The growth of an organization is important for better stability, strength, and growth.

There is no doubt that it is critical for every business or organization to understand the value of employees ' wellness and properly engage with this issue.

Here is some evidence to help you know how important employee wellness is:

● One of the main benefits of employee wellness is that it helps implement positive changes in health behavior, which directly influences the production level in the working environment.

● Most of the time, it was found that employees' wellness reduces the risk factors of any illness or disease and also helps to reduce the health care costs.

● There is always an increase in productivity, and this helps decrease the reason for absenteeism.

● It ensures high employee morale, which leads to better recruitment and retention.

● A healthy mental and physical ecosystem is the backbone of every organization.

● Employee engagements in physical activities, fun events, festival celebrations, fun contests detox them and rejuvenate them with the energy to work more efficiently.


Mainly the workplace culture sets the tone of its employees with a supportive working environment. In the set of working environments, managers reinforce a sound wellness strategy and keep the employees engaged and motivated to make increments in the production level. Health and wellness programs in an organization can be used to drive and reinforce healthy behavior to bring out numerous benefits to the employers and the community.

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