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Snacking boosts work productivity and mood, satiates hunger, and reduces boredom at work. Nowadays, employees are offered snacks at their workplace to improve their work productivity and enhance their mood, and work culture.

The provision of snacks and food at the workplace has created ease for the employees who need to work in an office for long hours. The availability of food in cafes at the workplace has made the life of employees much easier, especially for the people who are unable to cook early morning or late evening, by themselves.

In the current scenario of the tech-savvy generation, laptops and mobile phones are a necessity because of which Screen time has been increased and physical activity has been reduced. Employees should avoid sitting for long periods, walking while attending a meeting, or getting up once every hour can avoid many health-related problems and lifestyle issues. Avoid bringing your snacks and food to your work desk, as when we eat while working, we tend to engage in mindless eating which can sometimes lead to overeating.


Ø Engage yourself in mindful eating, enjoy your food without any distractions, and know when your feel full. Include small portions instead of large portions.

Ø Keep yourself hydrated all the time, including drinks of your choice such as buttermilk, coconut water, etc.

Ø Include travel-friendly snacks such as makhanas, roasted chickpeas, cucumber sticks, Nuts, and mixed seeds and fruits such as apple, papaya, banana, etc.

Ø Create a healthy combination of your snacks such as hummus dip can be consumed with carrot sticks or cucumber sticks, Fruit bowl can be topped with mixed seeds. Chia seeds are a good source of fiber and can be added to yogurt.

Ø Homemade trail mix is a good snacking option. Mix whole grain cereals with nuts and seeds along with unsweetened dried fruits for a delicious and healthy snack.

Healthy snacking can increase the productivity of the employees and boost their performance. It will keep them happy and more energetic throughout the day. When mind and body are fuelled, the efficiency of work increases leading to the happier work environment.

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