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  • Harshita Giroti

Youth Perspective on Mental Health

Robots, humans, computer, working machine the only different thing there is that Humans are living. People working in 9-5 jobs, coming back to their houses, and breathing, existing, surviving, running in a rat race just for one thing called Money. Not noticing anything around them, have you ever thought how many people want to die just because they want to start living? In India 46% of the people kill themselves just because of workload, and in America suicides due to workload aren’t even counted.

The funny part is that mental health of a person is not considered as important as physical health. You can’t take a leave saying that you’re feeling anxious but you can if you have fever. The question is, is it worth it? Risking your mental health practically living your whole life earning money that maybe one day you will have enough money to fulfill your dreams? And when will you realize that the one day you were looking for was today? Some people lose their purpose while running after money. How many people work for themselves and because it makes them happy and not just for money? How many peoples do not drag themselves to their workplaces on Mondays? How many people have even asked themselves if what they’re doing is making them happy?

One out of every five Indians is suffering from a mental disorder.

50% of corporate India is under chronic stress in which 30% of them report cases of addiction and marital discord and 20% of them are suffering from depression. According to WHO’s report, India is the most depressed country in the world and has suicide as its third largest cause of death in 15-35-year old’s. Many people do not seek help either because of the social stigma or because they do not have the time to think about themselves and know what’s going on with them.

No matter what the reason may be, mental health should not be taken for granted. At the end of the day you have to check on yourself, no one else will. Look around yourself, there are people who love you, people who care about you do it for them, if not for yourself. JUST STOP - take out time and listen to yourself, seek help if you don’t feel okay and trust me, its okay to not feel okay, ` it’s human. Own up to your scars. It’s your life, not a race. Calm down and breathe. You’re making this world a better place. And to anyone who needs this, ALL THE BEST. It won’t be an easy journey. But at the end you will come out stronger.

If you don’t sew up your wounds, you will bleed on the ones you love.


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