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Privacy Policy This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made thereunder and as the same may be amended from time to time. Being a system generated electronic record, it does not require any physical or digital signature.

Steering Lives Private Limited is a company incorporated in India (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “Our” or “Us” or “Company”) which operates through its website https://www.mhealth.ai and Platform. Further Company brings to you its (Software), mHealth (Applications or App), content, products, and other services.

‘Platform’ shall collectively mean the proprietary Fitness Platform including but not limited to online website under the domain name https://www.mhealth.ai and mobile applications under the brand name mHealth to deliver prompt access to fitness data so You can track Your development, push your bounds and regulate Your fitness routine.

Our privacy policy is designed to provide greater transparency into Our privacy practices and principles, in a format that is easier to navigate, read and understand. We respect the privacy of Our Platform users (“You” or “Your”) and the confidentiality of the information provided by You and have developed this Privacy Policy to demonstrate Our commitment to protecting the same.

Last Updated Effective Date: Sep 2020

This Privacy Policy describes the type or treatment of information provided or collected on the Platform where this privacy policy is posted. It also explains the treatment of information provided or collected on Platform. We make available on third-party sites or platforms if disclosed to You in connection with use of the Platform. We follow this privacy policy in accordance with local law in the place where we operate.

We collect, purpose, usage, storage and handling of such information, and disclosure thereof. We encourage You to read this Privacy Policy carefully when (i) using Our Platform from any computer, computer device, mobile, smartphone or any electronic device, or (ii) availing any products or services offered on or through the Platform.

By using Our Platform, You are hereby consenting to collection of Your information by Us. The information in some cases may include Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information. In case of collection of Sensitive Personal Information, By accepting this Privacy Policy You are representing that You are thirteen (13) years of age or above. In case You are under the age of thirteen (13) years, then You are requested to not share any Sensitive Personal Information or Personal Information with us without having Your Parents to accept this Privacy Policy on Your behalf.

CONDITIONS OF USE : EmotionalCafe by mHealth The Website disallows service utilization under specific conditions, including: * Residency in jurisdictions or states/countries that prohibit the availing of services through the Website. * Religious considerations. * Creation of multiple accounts using distinct phone numbers. "CALL WITH COUNSELORS" FEATURE By accepting these Terms, users grant explicit consent for the Website to arrange calls to their mobile numbers, even if these numbers are on "Do Not Disturb" lists.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: EmotionalCafe by mHealth This comprehensive Cancellation and Refund Policy is designed to provide clear guidelines for users of EmotionalCafe, an innovative online counselling platform that connects individuals with qualified counsellors. The policy outlines the procedures and conditions for refund requests in relation to the services provided by EmotionalCafe. Refund Eligibility and Criteria * Initiation of Call by mHealth: In the event that a scheduled counselling call is not initiated by mHealth's side, users are entitled to a full refund of 100% of the paid amount. * Cancellation Time Frames: * For cancellations made at least 2 hours before the scheduled call: A refund of 30% of the total payment will be granted. * For cancellations made at least 4 hours before the scheduled call: A refund of 50% of the total payment will be granted. * For cancellations made at least 8 hours before the scheduled call: A refund of 70% of the total payment will be granted.

Service-Related Refund Exclusions * Technical Issues: It's important to note that no refund will be granted due to service interruptions or technical glitches that may occur during the counselling session. This applies provided the call was initiated by mHealth. * Counsellor Compatibility: Refunds will not be processed if the request is based on dissatisfaction with a particular counsellor’s style, approach, or expertise. Refund Process and Deductions * Deductions: Refunds, if eligible, will be processed after deducting any transaction charges imposed by the payment gateway, if applicable. * Initiating Refund: Users who wish to request a refund must initiate the process within 24 hours of the scheduled counselling call. It's important to emphasize that the refund initiation is subject to approval by mHealth's dedicated quality audit team. Quality Audit and Refund Process * Quality Audit Team Access: By requesting a refund, users grant mHealth's quality audit team permission to access call and chat recordings related to the counselling session. This access facilitates a thorough evaluation to determine the grounds for refund eligibility. * Timely Refund: Refunds that are determined to meet the quality parameters are credited to the user's mHealth wallet within a maximum timeframe of 72 hours. Maximum Refund Limitation It's essential to understand that the scope of refunds is limited to the return of the monetary amount paid by the user. This policy reinforces the principle that no additional compensation or remedies beyond the refund will be offered. Additional Considerations by mHealth * Liability and Health Disclaimer: mHealth emphasizes that the services offered through EmotionalCafe are not intended to replace or substitute for professional medical, emotional, or psychological treatments. As a result, mHealth explicitly disclaims any direct responsibility for the effects, outcomes, or results of counselling sessions. * Privacy and Confidentiality: Users can be assured that any personal information or content shared during counselling sessions is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is in line with mHealth's stringent privacy policy. * Counsellor Availability and Contingencies: While mHealth strives to ensure the timely provision of satisfactory counselling services, it's important to note that counsellor availability might be impacted due to unforeseen circumstances. Users will be promptly informed and provided with suitable alternative options in such cases. * User Responsibility: Users bear the responsibility of providing accurate contact information and creating a conducive environment for the counselling session. It's noteworthy that no refunds will be granted for calls that are affected due to factors under the user's control. * Scheduling Flexibility: Users are empowered to reschedule their counselling calls, subject to counsellor availability. To ensure smooth processes and avoid potential refund-related complexities, rescheduling should be carried out well in advance.

USER OBLIGATIONS POLICY: EmotionalCafe by mHealth EmotionalCafe by mHealth is dedicated to fostering a safe and enriching online counselling platform. To ensure a conducive environment for all users, we have instituted a comprehensive User Obligations Policy: Respectful Conduct and Communication: Users are expected to engage with fellow members in a considerate and respectful manner. Content that could potentially harm, offend, discriminate, or incite hatred towards any individual or group based on factors such as race, religion, or ethnicity is strictly prohibited. Ethical Content Sharing: It is imperative for users to share content only if they possess the requisite legal rights. Any sharing or distribution of materials that infringe on intellectual property rights or violate copyright regulations is not permitted. Users are encouraged to adhere to fair use guidelines when sharing copyrighted material. Privacy and Data Handling: Users are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding others' privacy. This entails refraining from collecting or disseminating personal information without obtaining proper consent. Sending unsolicited communications, advertisements, or spam messages is strictly forbidden. Security and Integrity: To safeguard the platform's integrity and the security of users' systems, users are prohibited from uploading or sharing files that could potentially compromise these aspects. Engaging in unauthorized attempts to access the system, such as hacking or password mining, is strictly against our policy. Compliance with Laws: Users are required to adhere to all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations while utilizing the platform. Any activities that contravene these legal requirements are strictly prohibited. Responsible Usage: Our platform is intended solely for personal use. Users are prohibited from engaging in activities such as reselling our services or exploiting them for commercial gain without obtaining explicit written consent from the Website. Quality Interaction: Users are encouraged to engage in meaningful, constructive conversations. Sharing of false, misleading, or offensive content is strictly discouraged. Reporting Violations: In order to maintain the platform's integrity, users are urged to promptly report any instances of misuse, harassment, or policy violations to our Customer Care team. False reporting is not tolerated and may result in appropriate actions being taken. Adherence to Guidelines: Users must familiarize themselves with and adhere to all provided guidelines, terms of usage, and policies. This ensures a harmonious and respectful environment for all members. Failure to abide by these obligations could result in penalties, ranging from account suspension to termination. While we strive to address policy violations, repeated or severe offenses may lead to the suspension of transactional privileges on the platform.

BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION POLICY EmotionalCafe by mHealth To ensure transparency and security in financial transactions, EmotionalCafe by mHealth maintains a stringent Bank Account Information Policy: Correct and Accurate Details: Users are required to provide precise and accurate debit/credit card details. It is imperative that these details pertain to cards that are lawfully owned by the user, with proper authorization for usage. Payment Methods: EmotionalCafe by mHealth For fee payments, users are authorized to utilize valid debit/credit cards or online banking accounts. Users are bound by an agreement to use only those payment methods for which they possess lawful entitlement. Accuracy of Information: EmotionalCafe by mHealth Users hold the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of the card/bank details provided. This accuracy is pivotal in facilitating seamless and accurate payment processing. Sufficient Credit Availability: Prior to making payments, users must ascertain that the nominated card/bank account possesses adequate funds to cover the applicable fees. This ensures smooth transaction processing. This policy is a testament to our commitment to conducting secure and reliable financial transactions, safeguarding the credibility of the payment process within our platform.

DISCLAIMER / LIMITATION OF LIABILITY / WARRANTY POLICY EmotionalCafe by mHealth is dedicated to offering a platform for emotional well-being through counselling services. To ensure clarity and transparency, we have established the following Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, and Warranty Policy: Variability of Counselling: Users must acknowledge that the counselling services provided through our platform are based on the cumulative or individual knowledge and experiences of our diverse panel of counsellors. As a result, counselling insights and approaches may vary from one counsellor to another. No Guaranteed Outcomes: Users should understand that our platform does not provide any warranties for the counselling services offered. This includes any guarantees regarding the suitability of the service for their individual requirements, uninterrupted service availability, or error-free operation. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or effectiveness of results that may be obtained through the use of our counselling services. Content Quality and Reliability: EmotionalCafe operates on an "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, whether expressed, implied, statutory, or otherwise. We do not warrant the quality, accuracy, or completeness of the content, services, or materials provided on the platform. While we strive for excellence, we do not guarantee that any errors or defects will be corrected promptly. User Disclosure Responsibility: Users are obligated to provide full and accurate disclosure of their emotional, mental, and physical conditions when seeking advice from our panel of counsellors. This transparency is crucial for our counsellors to provide appropriate and well-informed advice. Liability Exclusion for User Content: EmotionalCafe disclaims any liability related to user-generated content, including claims arising under intellectual property rights, libel, privacy, publicity, obscenity, or other legal statutes. Users must be mindful of the potential consequences of misuse, loss, modification, or unavailability of their content. Unauthorized Account Use: We are not liable for any losses that users may incur due to unauthorized use of their account or account information, whether the usage is with or without the user's knowledge. Accuracy and Completeness of Information: While we strive to maintain accurate and comprehensive information on the platform, EmotionalCafe is not responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions in the provided data, information, products, or services. Use of Services for Emotional Support: Users must understand that the services provided through our platform are meant for emotional support and guidance purposes only. EmotionalCafe and its suppliers disclaim all warranties, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. We do not guarantee specific results or outcomes from using our content or services. Advisor Identity and Reliability: EmotionalCafe by mHealth Counsellors on our platform are qualified professionals offering emotional support and guidance. While we strive to verify their credentials, we do not endorse, recommend, evaluate, or guarantee the advice, information, or services provided by them. Not a Crisis Intervention Platform: EmotionalCafe is not intended to serve as a crisis intervention platform. If users are in a crisis, contemplating self-harm, or experiencing severe emotional distress, they are advised to discontinue using our services and seek immediate assistance from a qualified mental health professional, medical practitioner, or emergency services. Downloaded Material and Data: Users acknowledge that any material or data downloaded from the platform is done at their discretion and risk. EmotionalCafe is not responsible for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from such downloads. Limitation of Liability: To the extent permitted by applicable law, EmotionalCafe's liability is limited to the amount paid by the user to the Website for the service during the term of membership. We will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or related to the provision of our services. This policy outlines our commitment to creating a secure and respectful environment while using our counselling services. Users are encouraged to thoroughly review and understand these terms before engaging with EmotionalCafe.

Errors, Corrections, and Modifications: EmotionalCafe by mHealth While we strive for accuracy and security, EmotionalCafe cannot guarantee content that is completely error-free or virus-free. We retain the right to modify or discontinue features, functionality, or content of the platform as needed. Furthermore, we reserve the right to edit or remove content that violates our policies. Users are reminded that opinions expressed in content reflect the author's views and not necessarily those of EmotionalCafe by mHealth. By adhering to these comprehensive policies, EmotionalCafe aims to provide an inclusive, secure, and respectful digital space where users can engage in meaningful interactions while upholding ethical standards.

GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION At EmotionalCafe, our web platform is built on principles of transparency and clear legal procedures. Our Governing Law and Jurisdiction policy outlines the process through which disputes and claims are handled: Arbitration Process: In situations where a dispute, claim, or controversy arises from or pertains to these Terms of Usage, including discussions on its applicability, as well as the use of the EmotionalCafe web platform and the information it provides access to, both parties commit to resolving the matter through arbitration in India. This arbitration will be conducted under the guidance of a single arbitrator, mutually selected by both Members and the EmotionalCafe website. The arbitration proceedings will adhere to the guidelines laid out in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The arbitration's location will be in New Delhi. The entire arbitration process, including any awards issued, will be conducted using the English language. The ultimate decision reached through arbitration will be considered binding and conclusive for all parties involved.

OUR DISCLAIMER: EmotionalCafe by mHealth EmotionalCafe, a product developed by Steering Lives India Private Limited, strives to establish a transparent and user-centric approach. Our Disclaimer policy is designed to provide users with comprehensive insights into the nature of the information and services we offer: Entertainment Purpose: The information and data hosted on the mHealth website serve exclusively for entertainment purposes. We emphasize that any counselling or messages received through our platform should not, under any circumstances, be considered a substitute for advice, programs, or treatments provided by licensed professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, or financial advisors. Consequently, mhealth.ai/Emotionalcafe assumes no responsibility for the interpretation or utilization of the information by recipients. Registered Status: It is important to note that EmotionalCafe is not a registered firm but rather a product developed by Steering Lives India Private Limited. The handling of all transactions and gathered data occurs within the scope of mHealth's access.

Governing Laws and Interpretation: EmotionalCafe by mHealth These Terms of Usage will be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of India, excluding any principles of choice of law. In cases where a provision within these Terms of Usage or Privacy Policy is deemed unenforceable or invalid by a court with jurisdiction, said provision will be adjusted and interpreted to fulfil its original intent within the constraints of applicable law. The remainder of the Terms of Usage or Privacy Policy, as applicable, will continue to hold full force and effect. The headings used are solely for reference and do not restrict or define the scope of any section. Any waiver of a provision must be documented in writing and bear the signature of mHealth.

PRICING POLICY: EmotionalCafe by mHealth At EmotionalCafe by mHealth, our Pricing Policy embodies clarity, fairness, and user-centricity to ensure that individuals receive the utmost value from our services: Customized Pricing: We embrace a customized pricing approach that takes into account various factors, including the intricacies of the services provided, the effort invested, the efficiency demonstrated, and the anticipated outcomes. This personalized pricing structure is transparently communicated to users in advance. Payment Schedule: For services characterized by fixed durations of usage, such details are thoughtfully incorporated within the service descriptions. This period of utilization can vary, spanning from a minimum of 1 month to an extended duration of 6 months, depending on the nature of the service. Price Matching: Our commitment to delivering competitive value is evident in our Price Matching initiative. If users identify comparable services offered by similar providers, we are dedicated to aligning our pricing while ensuring that the professional standards, features, and quality we uphold remain intact.

Steady Pricing Paradigm: EmotionalCafe by mHealth EmotionalCafe's pricing framework is designed to remain consistent and immune to fluctuations stemming from market dynamics or competitive pricing manoeuvres. This steadfast approach is rooted in our dedication to transparency and fair practices. Sale Adjustment and Booking Cancellation: In cases where the price of a booked service experiences a reduction within one week of the booking, we regret to inform users that retroactive adjustments cannot be facilitated. Additionally, if a booking is rescheduled to a different date, it may necessitate cancellation in adherence to our defined cancellation policies. Pricing Precision: While our meticulous efforts are aimed at maintaining accurate pricing information, unforeseen pricing errors may arise. Should the price of a service exceed the displayed amount, rest assured that we will promptly cancel the booking and notify you regarding the discrepancy. Prevention of Misuse: It is pivotal to recognize that our services are specifically tailored for personal use, and as stewards of ethical usage, we reserve the prerogative to withhold sales from individuals whom we suspect might misuse our offerings.


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