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Simplifying Employee Health Checkup

Book Appointment

Booking an appointment with us is easy and convenient. We understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to make the appointment booking process as hassle-free as possible.

Health Checkup

Our wellness platform offers dental check-ups for Individuals, corporate, and societies, so you can ensure that your team members and community are taking care of their oral health.

Tele Consultation

A convenient and effective way o access healthcare services without leaving the workplace. It is a virtual consultation service that allows patients to connect with healthcare providers remotely.

HR Dashboard

Our HR dashboard offers a comprehensive view of employee activity and leadership boards. It provides real-time insights into ongoing activities, enabling HR teams to make informed decisions.

Personalised Care Program

Manage Diabetes

By engaging in regular physical activity, following a balanced diet, and monitoring blood sugar levels, you can better manage your diabetes and improve your overall health.

Cardio Care

Engage in regular physical activity, maintain a heart-healthy diet, and manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels with personalized wellness programs, coaching, and community support.

Weight Management

By engaging in regular physical activity, following a balanced diet, and tracking your progress, you can improve your overall health and achieve your weight management goals.


By monitoring your blood pressure regularly, following a heart-healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and managing your stress levels, you can manage your hypertension.

Employee Assistance Program


Assessment is a critical part of any wellness-based platform, as it helps individuals understand their current health status and identify areas for improvement.


A wellness-based platform can provide virtual workshops on physical activities and challenges, empowering individuals to make positive changes to their health.


A wellness-based platform offers virtual counseling services that cater to your emotional wellbeing and help you overcome physical activity challenges.


Our corporate-friendly platform ensures that you have access to all the tools and resources needed to enhance your overall wellness.


It's a great initiative by mHealth as it will enable us to improve our quality of life and well-being while juggling the demands of family and career. All this can be achieved on one single platform with features like Team challenges, Health quiz, Diet consultations, and Leaderboard. I am thrilled to be a part of the launch of such a platform. It really is a wonderful chance for everyone to become healthy and be inspired to be healthy

Ms. Neetika Patel

Vice President, Wells Fargo

Generally we remain so busy that we struggle to find some time to check our health. Exercising, eating healthy, and taking required breaks, all end up becoming our plans only. Thankful to mHealth that they are coming up with such a great motive & becoming a solution for people like us.

Mr. Joybrata Mitra

Associate Director, PwC India

As we juggle career responsibilities and live a workaholic lifestyle, mHealth's community will enrich our lives and help us maintain our mental health. Excited about the launch of such a platform & to be a part of it. Really a great opportunity for everyone to become someone’s motivation.

Mr. Venkatesh Babu S.

President & Head, IT Cafe Coffee Day

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